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july 4th
I was so fortunate to hear Dr. Ben Carson speak this past week at Calvary Chapel outside of Philadelphia. He attracted a crowd of over 4000. For those unfamiliar, Dr. Ben Carson (www.realbencarson.com), recently retired as the head of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins in Boston. He is a world-renowned surgeon having successfully separated conjoined twins and performed thousands of life-saving operations on children’s brains. His autobiography, captured in the best-selling book turned movie, Gifted Hands, describes his amazing life. Dr. Carson grew up in the ghettos of Boston and Detroit. His mother refused to let her sons become a statistic of their environment, after two of his 1st cousins where murdered. She forced them to read two books each week from the Detroit Public Library. Before long they both rose to the top of their class and became scholars. Dr. Carson went on to graduate from Yale and University of Michigan Medical School. His brother, Curtis, became an aeronautical engineer. Dr. Carson credits his mother’s tenacity, frugality, discipline, strength and faith in his success. Dr. Carson’s story is an American Story, a story of what is possible when you work hard, study, apply yourself, become selfless and live in a country that is free….. an inspiring message as we celebrate our countries’ freedom this week.

Dr. Carson spoke the words heard often before on Thursday, “Freedom is not free.” He encourages all of us to take action to become responsible for the health and success of our nation. Each of us can play a part, however small or large. Our entire team at 8 Weeks to Wellness® are committed to improving our country’s health. The single largest expenditure of our government is towards healthcare. We spend nearly $3 trillion on healthcare annually! 75% of that $3 trillion is preventable by living healthy. EAT RIGHT, GET ADJUSTED, EXERCISE, MOVE YOUR BODY, SLEEP WELL, STRESS LESS AND MEDITATE MORE, PRAY AND GIVE THANKS FOR LIVING IN A COUNTRY WHERE YOU ARE FREE. You are free to make whatever choice you want with regards to your health, but you are not free from the consequence of that choice. Your choices matter. They affect your fellow Americans. Honor your freedom by honoring your health. Those freedoms are what we celebrate this week. Happy July 4th friends!