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4 Keys to Preventing Golfing/Tennis Injuries

Decrease Your Risk of Injuries by Preparing Before You Play

It’s spring time!!! A time of renewal and regrowth. The spring season brings warm sunshine and new flowers and green grass. It’s a very positive time of year. Last week, Dr. Roger wrote about an unfortunate reality of spring…allergies and how we can build up our defenses, and minimize or eliminate the allergic reactions.

Prevent Sports Injuries

Today, I want to address another unfortunate reality of spring….INJURIES. Golfers and tennis players come out of hibernation to fill the courses and courts all over Bucks County! It’s FUN to play. Dr. Dane and my sons love to golf. I, personally, love to play tennis-up to 3x/week. With the increase in playing comes an increase in injuries. And honestly, in the majority of cases, these injuries could be PREVENTED! How?? By doing a better job of preparing to play. If you want to decrease your risk of injury while playing. Do these 4 things!

  1. Do a 5-10 minute pre-game stretching routine
  2. Properly hydrate before you play
  3. Improve your core strength and posture
  4. Receive regular Chiropractic adjustments (what did you expect me to say…I’m a Chiropractor!). It maintains good spinal mobility.

Golf Stretching to Prevent Injuries

Golf Stretching Exercises and Warm up routine (www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/golf-stretching-exercises)

  1. Walking 3 – 5 minutes
  2. Supported squats
  3. Arm swings – across the front of your body
  4. Trunk rotations
  5. Swing a weighted club (or 2 clubs at a time) and take practice swings


Tennis Stretching to Prevent Injuries

Tennis stretching exercises to help prevent injuries.Tennis is more high impact and requires dynamic stretches (stretches done while moving) of the hamstrings, calves, quads and the torso. Trust me! I see so many players rush from work, jump out of their car and walk up to the first tee or onto a tennis court without doing anything. And they wonder why they get hurt. Ask the docs how to warm up.

If you want to learn more, please join us at our next Dinner with the Doc series on May 1st at 7pm at Applebee’s in Newtown. The topic is “Don’t Hump in Public”…..improve your posture and mobility!”

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