Results for Anne S.

If someone were to ask me, I would say my health was good, but if I took a closer look, it was poor. I was dealing with various physical issues, emotional issues, and a lack of energy. I saw an advertisement for 8 Weeks to Wellness (8WW) which described three problems that it could help with and I had all three. I had tried losing weight on my own, but I never really stuck to it. The 8WW program caught my eye because I knew there would be the accountability that I needed and at the time I would finish it before I left on a big trip. One of the biggest motivations that made me start the program is I didn’t want to add another diagnosis, hypertension to my poor health.

8WW influenced me significantly to get healthier and make better choices. I make much better choices with what I eat and what I should be putting in my body. I used a little bit of what I learned during 8WW and I came back from a (3) week trip to Europe (9) pounds lighter. I was blown away by that. My goal while I was on my trip was to not gain any weight. I also have a greater understanding that taking the time to put wellness into practice, like eating right, exercising, working on stress, etc. really does help you fell better physically and emotionally. 8 WW has made me want to love a healthy life style instead of just dieting. My choices regarding my health have been forever changed.

My life is much different now. I am starting to enjoy life again. I am starting to live life and not just survive anymore. I have gotten my blood pressure back down to normal. I lost 30 pounds during 8WW and I am continuing to lost more weight as I embrace wellness and a healthy lifestyle. I am exercising on a regular basis which includes running (I haven’t run in years) and eating healthy. I am no longer hiding behind my weight. I am allowing “The Real Anne” to blossom. I am no longer allowing my poor health to rob me of my joy and what I really want to do in life. I am so excited for this next year.




Weight223lbs. to 193lbs.
BMI42.1 to 36.5
Gluclose102 to 87
Cholesterol204 to 176
Insulin31.6 to 7.3
Vitamin D7.3 to 31.6