Results for Annie S.

“After eighteen months of family health issues and major stressors, I developed an irregular heartbeat and bouts with anxiety.  I wasn’t going to be tied to several medications for life if there was an alternative.  Thankfully, there was, and I made the decision to enroll in 8 Weeks to Wellness and trust everyone that would be guiding me through the program.  What a difference 8WW has made!  My wellness score rose from a D to a B, my heart rate is much better, and I’m able to manage stress more successfully.  And I have my whimsy back!  This program requires a commitment to regaining one’s health.  The eight-week period is the beginning, not the destination.  A lifestyle-changing journey is the big payoff.  What better investment is there than oneself!”




Weight160 to 149lbs
Triglycerides113 to 88
Distolic BP77 to 65
Resting HR98 to 76
Anterior Head Syndrome74.16 to 7.62 mm