Results for Ken O.

“8 weeks to wellness is a complete solution making sure every piece of your health is addressed and the program is tailored to your specific needs.  From the initial exam to the final results at the end of my 8 weeks I felt like all of the doctors, trainers and staff really cared about my success.  They treated me like I was part of a family.  I still can’t believe I have accomplished so much in such a small timeframe, but that is the power of the program!  Thanks very much for everything!”




Weight235 lb to 201 lbs
Waist46.5″ to 41″
Diastolic BP180/110 mmHg to 120/78 mmHg
Triglycerides127 mg/dl to 75
HbA1c5.6% to 5.3%
Cholesterol205 mg/dl to 169 mg/dlHbA`
Vitamin D19.6 ng/ml to 54.8 ng/ml