Results for Linda C.

I was old and fast becoming older. I was slow in my movements and thought it was a result of my age. I found I had no energy to do anything and just walking from the car to the store left me breathless. I was seriously overweight and in denial about it. The entire staff has been very encouraging and supportive. Dr. Hester is very knowledgeable in the area of both Chiropractic care and nutrition. The 8 Weeks to Wellness program is not just about diet but covers the whole spectrum of healthy living from diet, to exercise and a more positive attitude towards myself and my life. My goals have changed from just getting through the day to making positive choices about what I want and how to achieve them. I no longer look at my age as an excuse for failure but now challenge myself to reach goals I thought were unattainable. I realize that the only limits to my success are put on by my own disbelief and not the results of my age. My new Moto in life is “GROWING OLDER IS INEVITABLE, BEING OLD IS A CHOICE!” I CHOOSE LIFE WITH ALL ITS CHALLENGES TO A ROCKING CHAIR AND A SEDATE OLD AGE




Weight185 to 157
BMI32.3 to 27.4
Triglycerides190 to 70
LDL171 to 70
LDM12.3% to 16.9%
Cholesterol254 to 141