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“When I first came to Woodbury Spine Wellness Center, I was overweight, unhappy, and very unhealthy. I began the 8 Week to Wellness with some hope, but also a lot of discouraging thoughts. I had lost weight before only to gain it back. I wanted to be thin, but I also really wanted to relax (and not worry about exercise) and eat what I felt like eating (sugar, lots of sugar). I wanted to be healthy and happy and trust God, but I also wanted to nurse my bitterness from past hurts, pay back unkind people the way they had been treating me, and push away God’s plan for my life in favor of my own desires and plans. My conflicting thoughts were debilitating and demoralizing. They really had their work cut out for them!

I spent the next 8 weeks working hard and committed to trying to make this work. I gain amazing insight and knowledge from the Nutritional Counselor, Christy and continue to reap the benefits of her research and dedication. She’s like a nutrition encyclopedia!! I appreciated so much Drs. Justin and Ross for the adjustments and information they shared. Every time I met with them they encouraged me and showed that they care about my well-being and me. I always felt accepted and really valued with them! The fitness trainers are incredible! I especially appreciate Simona and her heart. I don’t know how else to describe it. Simona has a heart of gold that reaches every person she touches. She instills in us the desire to work hard and push ourselves to reach our goals. She makes us look forward to each training session and actually love working out! The front desk staff must also be mentioned. Amanda and Jan and Fiona are a great team that touch each person that walks through the door. They always seem to be in a good mood and patiently take time with each person; they’re so wonderful and encouraging! In the time I’ve been there, I have had massages from 3 different massage therapists. In addition to receiving relaxing, refreshing massages from them, each one has been very professional, encouraging, informative, and helpful in learning how to take better care of myself.

After 8 weeks, I lost 27 pound and many inches! I am continuing the program and I have to date lost 75 pounds, and gone down from size 26 pants to size 18! I am smaller, more energetic, and feel SO much better and happier! I have gone off all my medication, including blood pressure and cholesterol meds. I drink and eat so much healthier – and yes, I cheat! But I also exercise it off and balance it with tons of vegetables!

What I think I have gained most from this program is the spiritual and mental benefits. I have a daily devotional time now that I never had before because I knew it was important, so I kept trying until God found me where I am! I am not thinking daily about my aches and pains. Instead, I am thinking and praying for others and reaching out more than I ever have before. In short, this is not just a weight loss program — far from it! We learned that there are 3 things that affect our health: physical, chemical, and mental. We covered the physical with strength training, cardio, chiropractic, and massage. The nutrition sessions covered food and drink, of course, as well as the many other things that we come in contact with. We even covered the mental portion with meditation, encouragement, and the many opportunities to talk to different staff members at the center. Because all angles were covered, we could truly get completely healthy!”




Weight304 lbs to 278 lbs
Waist54 to 50
Hips57 to 53
Body Fat47.4% to 46.5%
BMI43 to 39.9
Waist to Hip Ratio.947 to .943