Results for PJ G.

“I considered myself in pretty good shape, just “fluffier” that I wanted to be. I walked half marathons, took Zumba classes, and swam at the pool. Frankly, I was motivated by the weight loss success of a friend. Imagine my surprise when my Wellness Score came back as a “D-“… clearly there was more to work on than just the scale. The office was such a positive spot in my day! Massages with Shelley were a highlight of the week. Sandy is such a quiet cheerleader for every patient and offering advise and encouragement. Dr. Brian-what can I say… warm, approachable. The whole program influenced me to take time for ME. Putting oneself first is so often seen as “selfish”. The program gave me official permission to put “Me” first. Meditation everyday was necessary to just be in the moment and breathe, a training appointment was written in stone, an adjustment was necessary to move better-all for ME! Well I lost 17lbs… which allowed me to improve my 5K time by over 6 minutes. I felt lighter in body and spirit. I find I am lighter and clear headed and eating “clean” helped break a carb heavy – no vegetable lifestyle. I’m cooking more and trying to branch out with different foods. I got used to weekly massages and movement and feel I “get to exercise” (as opposed to I “have to go exercise”) I am living my life not reacting to life.”




Weight198 lbs. to 181 lbs.
Body Fat43.5% to 31.6%
BMI32 to 29.7
Waist to Hip Ratio1.06 to 0.86
Vitamin27.0 to 43.2