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“This place rocks! I joined them thinking I was in a normal decline for my age. They proved me wrong! In a matter of week, ailments that have been with me for years began to decline and my quality of life is quickly returning! While it is a great Chiropractic office, it is far more than that. It is also a wellness center. They ran extensive tests and evaluations on me and then the game was afoot! They focus on food we eat, exercise, and relaxation, and spinal alignment. The combination of highly skilled Personnel goes to work on you and your joie de vive returns in short order. You do need to commit to them as much as they commit to you to get the best out of the program. But it can be a real life saver for some of us!”




Weight205 to 192
Waist42.5 to 40.5
Body Fat34 to 26.8
BMI30.0 to 26.8
Resting Heart Rate89 to 77