Results for Susan M.

“Before coming a patient, I never felt well and had daily headaches. My injured shoulder had very little range of motion. On the scale of 1-10 being in great health, I was a 4. The staff really cares about me and my total health and well-being. I have just completed the 8 Week to Wellness program and now I feel like a 9 on that 1-10 scale. I focus on the right things to promote health and well-being: how I eat, how I move, and how I think. I have a whole new perspective on life and look forward to each new day and all the opportunities for happiness and joy that it will bring.”




Weight157 lbs. to 144.5 lbs.
Body Fat29% to 27.3%
BMI26.1 to 24
Cholesterol258 to 206
LDL Cholesterol147 to 112
C Reactive Protein2.69 to 1.92
VitaminD 40 to 60.7