Terri T.

“I was in terrible shape! A full time desk job left little energy or time for exercise. The pounds just piled on. Lack of muscle tone creeps up on you and the thought of a lunge or sit up was laughable. When I looked into the 8 Weeks to Wellness program it seemed like a logical direction to follow. Best Investment I made for myself. It’s so worth it.I had and still have, a team steering me towards a healthier life through exercise, meditation, and massage. My personal trainer showed me that my body can do much more than I imagined. Massage and Chiropractic care soothed the “good pain”. I learned a better life can be had through nutrition. My team is still with me with advice and encouragement.I met some fun ladies through my personal training and the Zumba class I joined. In summer the class is in the pool-what a pleasure! I discovered the delicious flavors of kale, rapini and fresh spinach and eat them often. I cook differently, take my vitamins and supplements faithfully. I’ve lost pounds and inches, feel better and had fun along the way. I’m a work in progress!”